Are our children learning? Annual Learning Assessment Report 2011

Uwezo Tanzania

Uwezo Initiative
Tanzania Education Network

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58 pages

Karibu, Msomaji. Welcome to the Annual Learning Assessment Report by Uwezo Tanzania. Inside, you will learn the results of an assessment that covered 132 districts, 3,849 villages, 76,796 households, and 128,005 children. This report is the work of over 100 organizations throughout Tanzania, and the 7,980 volunteers who walked door to door, talking to parents and assessing children in literacy and numeracy, asking: “Are Our Children Learning?”

Their work on this assessment is done, yours is now beginning. Uwezo is committed not just to measuring learning but improving it, but we will need your help. How can we promote literacy and numeracy in every district, every village, and every household? Share your ideas on; find us at or email us at; text ‘Uwezo’ to +255 784 984 777; call in to radio talk shows to discuss student learning; speak to your children’s teachers; and give your own children the assessments, included in this report or available at our website.

Timiza jukumu lako, sote tuna uwezo.
– Suleman Sumra, Country Coordinator, Uwezo Tanzania

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Suggested citation:
TANZANIA. UWEZO TANZANIA (2011). Are our children learning? Annual Learning Assessment Report 2011. Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania: Uwezo Initiative.